Did You Know

  • Bed Bugs are becoming a major problem in resorts and we have the machine to deal with them.  Our sevice includes applied heat and chemicals.  Contact Alan for more information.
  • Ants are one of, if not the most difficult pest to control. Their biology and nature existence equips them superbly well for survival. None of the favoured old remedies such as boiling water, petrol and vinegar will be effective. Depending on the species there are likely to be less than 5% of the colony above ground at any time and it is for this reason that commonly used repellent pesticides are only temporarily effective. Most of the colony will remain safely underground and relocate or just resurface a few weeks after the treatment.
  • House Mouse, A successful house mouse has the ability to survive in a wide range of habitats.   The house mouse is able to enter buildings and rooms through small openings.   The small size of the mouse enables it to be overlooked and transported inside many delivery boxes and items  The house mouse can infest many areas within buildings and live in close proximity to people due to its small size and secretive behaviors. Not only are they small and secretive they constantly explore its environment, and seem to have a tolerance for humans.