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CSE-1 Cleaning Service (minmum 2 hour charge, Rates exclude GST)
All online prices are for CSE Level 1 cleaners. For CSE level 2 and 3 Cleaners please contact us directly to discuss your needs. These are hourly rates, for long term contract please contact us. These are standard rates, however we reserve the right to adjust them for extra heavy cleaning requirements.
Trading Hours Cleaning (start 06:00 to finish 18:00) Penalty rates may apply to certain of the following situations Non-Trading Hours Cleaning (start prior to 06:00 or finish after 18:00) Permanent Night Shift Saturday Cleaning Sunday Cleaning Public Holiday Cleaning
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There are various classes of cleaners. The CSE 1 Cleaner is the standard cleaner. The structure of their work includes: responsible for the quality of their own work works under routine supervision either individually or in a team;· exercises discretion within the level of their skills and training; and performs those tasks customarily performed by cleaners utilising a range of materials and equipment, to clean a range of surfaces in order to restore or maintain buildings in a clean and hygienic condition. Indicative tasks which a cleaner at this level may perform, on a daily or periodic basis, are the following: · spot cleaning of carpets and soft furnishings; · operating hand held powered equipment such as blowers, vacuum cleaners and polishers; · sweeping and mopping; · toilet cleaning (which may not be the majority of their work) · rubbish collection (which may not be the majority of their work); · cleaning of private residences, and the performance of domestic work including but not limited to cleaning and washing; · telephone cleaning and germ proofing; · cleaning of glass, both internal and external; · dusting of all hard surfaces; · table bussing: · undertaking tea attendant duties; · collecting, servicing and maintaining shopping and/or luggage trolleys; · re - arranging and re - organising furniture; · routinely maintaining indoor greenery (shrubs and plants); · sanitary disposal processing; and · wiping and sweeping under and around seats and table tops.