Building protection is a critical process to guard your assets over the long term.  Thus Elimco only uses quality products applied at  the recommend, higher rates.  These products are backed by a manufacturers warranty as per their approved labels.

The annual inspection is the critical part of a Termite Protection Program and is the basis for deciding on  a proactive approach.


  • Due to the Southwest falling within the “High Termite Hazard” area, our recommendation is to install  a Quality Termite Reticulation System, prior to the casting of the slab.  ELIMCO installs and services leading brand termite reticulation systems, which provide you with the assurance, that you have undertaken the best possible measures to ensure that your home stays termite free, through the abilty to apply direct treatment under and around the structure.
  • Alternatively  ELIMCO can undertake a soil treatment to the pad, prior to the casting of the slab.


  • We recommend that a Termite Reticulation System be installed arround the perimeter of your building, and serviced by ELIMCO.  The perimeter reticulation system is an effective, efficient and economic Termite Protection method.